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7 Crucial Things to Consider in Apartment Living

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

1. Statistically, most robberies happen on the first floor.

2. Add a security system, if not already provided.

3. Purchase a carbon monoxide detector.

4. Install a surveillance camera. (They are relatively inexpensive.)

5. Regard a heavy safe for valuables.(Find one that is unable to be moved with two people.)

6. Check locks before renting, if they are old or not to your satisfaction, write in the rental agreement that you would like new locks - Do your research and be specific about what kind of locks you would like.

7. Remove drier lint at least twice a month or more frequently depending on your lifestyle and cleaning habits. (Lint and hair are highly combustible, so it is best to clean the tray after every use to reduce buildup and lessen the fire hazard!)

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